Authentically Alex

About the Blog


Hi friends, I’m Alexandra– Alex for short. I started this blog to bring some inspiration to girls and women alike. Further, I wanted to be honest, raw, and real with everyone in my life. This platform is a great way to do that. It is my little slice of passion and honesty in this crazy and wonderful, yet sometimes inauthentic world of social media that we live in today.

For me, blogging is a therapeutic hobby that de-stresses and rejuvenates my mental state to a place of wellness and success. Mostly, though, I hope to bring you solace, passion, and excitement for your own life and your own choices. I hope to challenge you to be honest and real in your everyday life because I (personally) think there is no better way to live. I pull most of my inspiration from experiences in my life, whether it be a difficult trauma or a really great book I’m reading. I am constantly searching for inspiration anywhere I can get it– anything to help me learn and grow to be the best human I can be, but also to be a person that is true to herself in everything she does.

About Alex

I love baking, reading, writing (obviously, right?), adventuring, and laughing. I also love my perfectly handsome husband, Tyler. I have lived in New York my entire life, hopping from my hometown to my college town to brand new towns. Currently, I live in Beacon with my husband and work as an assistant director of a childcare center in Westchester County.


I hope you find something that inspires you here! Cheers!

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